Coporate Social Responsibility

Acquahmeyer Agricultural and
General Drone Services (AAGDS)

Focus: The primary objective of AAGDS is to promote safe use of chemicals using labor saving device. This is not limited to only aerial spraying of water soluble and oil base chemical on farms. It involves using drones for warehouses fumigation, indoor residual spraying, open space spraying for insect pest and disease management. AAGDS is here to promote prompt management response whenever there is outbreak of diseases such as Ebola, cholera etc. In addition to the aerial spraying, AAGDS also provide services for seed planting and fish feeding.

Core Values

We are very honest and analytical in our professional and ethical behavior.
Team Work
We are each other’s keeper and accountable to one another in service delivery.
We deliver our work with accuracy, total quality and excellent innovation.
We exhibit leadership and equip staff and client with knowledge and skills to stimulate economic growth.
Result oriented
We focus on achieving our objectives and promote technology, market systems and sustainability.

Cooperate and Social Responsibilities

Youth and Gender Engagement
The company will train and engage drone pilots and technicians in all the 212 districts.
Crop Pest and Nutrition Management Services for Small Holder Farmers
Increased adoption of improved productivity by enhancing technologies, market systems and practices by Small Holder Farmers(SHF). Thus, SHF will be trained on safe use of pesticide, farming as a business, climate smart agriculture, market systems
Scholarship package for brilliant but needy students focusing on those studying aeronautic and computer science in public and private tertiary institutions across the country.

Targeted Partners

Government Sector
Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA)
(Youth in Agriculture programme, Planting for food and jobs, Cocoa Mass Spraying, Cashew Mass spraying etc.)
Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology (MEST)
(Malaria control board, National Disaster and Management Organization– NADMO, fumigation of warehouses etc)
Ministry of Local Government
(Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies – MMDAs)
Ministry of Tourism (Ghana Tourist Board)
Spraying of tsetse flies, mosquitos and other insect at tourist site across the country)
Private Sector
Agricultural Input Dealers.
Non-Governmental Organization
Farmer Based Organization/ Cooperative farmers/ Small Holder Farmers
Off takers
Commercial farmers.
We provide total crop pest nutrition management services in Ghana and beyond. Our team is made up of German trained pilots and technicians with lots of experience, international Entomologist, Plant Nutritionist as well as other highly trained auxiliary staff.


81 Boundary Rd, Madina,
Accra, 00233
+233 302548157
+233 248282022


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