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AcquahMeyer DroneTech

is a  rapidly growing Drone Manufacturing and Drone solutions company with various ambitious projects being developed. The Company has been successfully carrying out agricultural spraying and surveying projects across Ghana and soon across Africa. To help the African farmers in their Cultivation we collect the multispectral image-data of various type of crops, terrain and soil to analyse and process them.

The following are the benefits for the farmers with the multispectral imaging…

  • To monitor the growth of the crops and crop Count
  • Easy to identify the type of pest, disease and weed
  • Helps in reducing the pesticides use and save water
  • Increases the accuracy for Survey Fencing
  • Provides data to improve water irrigation
  • RGB images to detect machinery damages to crops
  • Helps in livestock monitoring, assisted with a thermal imaging camera.

We will capture and process multispectral survey of farms across Ghana, to provide useful data for the development of agriculture in Ghana and across Africa. AcquahMeyer Dronetech will be capturing multispectral images as our drones carries out the Pesticide and Fertiliser Spraying with Agricultural  Drones Manufactured by the Company. These Drone images will be recorded with the consent of each farmer and in return, they receive the advice for better farming based on the processed data provided by CERSGIS.

All the Data collected by the company will be shared with CERSGIS, that can be used to create a detailed survey of all farming land in Ghana. Our partnership will also help in creating internship opportunities for the Students in University of Ghana, where they will work directly with Drone experts and collect the Geographical data during their internship period. This work will be certified for the students that can help them in getting jobs for their better future.
We provide total crop pest nutrition management services in Ghana and beyond. Our team is made up of German trained pilots and technicians with lots of experience, international Entomologist, Plant Nutritionist as well as other highly trained auxiliary staff.


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